Control Anything from Anywhere through ThinKnx!

ThinKnx is the smart way to transform building automation into a real advantage for the owner’s building granting to save on energy costs, to limit environmental impact and to improve building security and safety.

ThinKnx is a universal, multi-purpose supervisor for building automation that allows you to manage all the functions of the systems integrated into your smart home or building.

The Supervision system

The different functions of the home automation system are managed by ThinKnx through a simple and highly customizable interface that allows you to interact with the system using your iPad or tablet Android, < strong> iPhone , smartphone Android or Windows.

The features of ThinKnx

ThinKnx allows interaction with the home automation system: thermostats, lights and other devices can be programmed to adapt to the habits of those who live there.

User can :

  • switch on, off or dim any light point , even from tablets and smartphones when away from home;
  • open or close roller shutters, gates and any motorized window, specifying the percentage of opening;
  • “create scenes” , then choose which lights to switch on, which motors to open, which audio source to operate;
  • manage the heating or air conditioning system;
  • optimize consumption and always keep temperatures in individual rooms under control;
  • view the cameras and answer the video intercom;
  • manage all audio and video sources.

A powerful logic engine makes all integrated systems able to communicate with each other.

Voice control

The ThinKnx supervision system can also be integrated with the most popular voice assistants on the market, such as Amazon Echo , Google Home , Siri , for execution of every function integrated in your Konnex home automation system.

“ThinKnx is the new home automation supervision system that allows you to fully manage and coordinate all the functions of the home automation system.

ThinKnx allows building automation to be transformed into a real advantage for property owners, promoting energy saving, reducing environmental impact as well as improving the safety and protection of the building.