A new way to control the smart home.

The Elan supervision system allows you to manage and control all the home automation and technological systems in the home.

A single application to supervise lights, shutters, curtains, doors and windows, burglar alarms, video surveillance, audio and video distribution, load and consumption control, temperature control and much more.

Touch screen e App

Managing an Elan home automation system is simple and immediate.

The user has always under control every function of his home through a touch screen with an elegant and minimal design and bright colors. When away from home, you can access your system at any time via the App Elan , which can be installed on smartphones and tablets.

Voice control

Elan allows interaction with the home automation system through voice commands given to the smart speakers of Amazon and Google.

  • Alexa, turn on the light in the bedroom
  • Alexa, set the light in the living room to 70%
  • Alexa, increases the light by 20%
  • Ok Google, tell me the temperature in the living room
  • Ok Google, set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees
  • Ok Google, run turn off everything

Simple voice messages allow you to execute commands, request the status of devices and start complete scenarios.


Elan’s solutions are specifically addressed towards multi-room and the control and distribution of audio and video systems in the home and commercial environment.

Your music, your movies, sports and TV are at your disposal via an elegant remote control, a tablet or a comfortable touch panel in any room of the house.

“A unique, versatile and intuitive solution to control your smarthome.”

Elan is a system for the supervision and control of a KNX standard system, accessible from remote control, mobile devices (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets), fixed (PC and MAC) and wall devices (touch-screen panels).