Ekinex home automation rewrites the rules of design.

Ekinex devices are developed and produced in Italy. They are characterized by design, attention to detail , technological avant-garde and innovation.

The idea behind the design of the devices is that of a design that is not pure aesthetic exercise, but includes, as fundamental elements, ease of use , immediate understanding of the function and balanced and intelligent application of technology.

Ekinex and standard Konnex

Ekinex is developed on the basis of the KNX standard, a system compliant with national, European and international regulations. The entire range of products is used for building automation: private homes, offices, hotels, public environments.

Catalogo pulsantiere Ekinex

“In Ekinex push-button panels, design becomes the driving force of technology, the key to opening traditional houses and buildings to the world of home & amp; building automation.

Ekinex pushbuttons and thermostats are designed to meet all application needs and can be combined with each other according to your taste and needs. The choice of materials is vast and ranges from Fenix ​​NTM®, to metal, to plastic. Colors and shapes that integrate harmoniously in every place of living.

Ekinex: Konnex standard and Made in Italy

Ekinex is an Italian company born with the intention of creating a line of objects that enclose the very essence of Made in Italy: attention to detail, minimal and elegant design and technological innovation. Ekinex products are an expression of the Italian tradition revisited in a modern perspective and have been designed for a global market.

Also for this reason all Ekinex push-button panels and home automation devices work on the KNX protocol, the only standard recognized worldwide for home and building automation.

Ekinex also supports the idea of ​​a design that is not pure aesthetic exercise, but is also based on ease of use and immediate understanding of the functionality of its devices, to make them easy and immediate to use for everyone.

The range of products is divided into three different series , consisting of buttons, thermostats and multifunction touchscreens, designed to satisfy every application need. The devices are available both in precious materials for exclusive environments or also in plastic materials for less demanding situations.

All, without distinction, show colors and shapes that integrate harmoniously in any setting and in any situation.

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