Basalte: technology and design come together.

Basalte home automation devices are developed and manufactured in Belgium in line with the international KNX standard for home automation systems.

Basalte’s home automation panels are characterized by their intuitive and elegant design. Simplicity and ease of use , combined with high quality materials distinguish the company on the market. Exclusive and timeless are designed to create a place where people can truly feel at home. Basalte designs minimal products, which can be inserted in any environment.

Solid and resistant

Like the rock from which Basalte takes its name, all products have exceptional durability and resistance . They are meticulously designed and handmade and thanks to their harmonious, instinctive and contemporary look they integrate perfectly into any home.

Catalogo pulsantiere domotiche Basalte

“Thanks to Basalte, the traditional control switches change their look and functionality, and are predisposed to the scenarios of the “Digital Home”. The button becomes active and “smart.”

Basalte buttons and thermostats are designed to meet all application needs and can be combined with each other according to your taste and needs. Basalte offers a wide selection of materials : metal, plastic, leather and glass. Colors and shapes can be integrated harmoniously in every living space.

The technical features that make Basalte unique

Basalte pushbutton panels are natively integrated with the KNX standard, the only internationally recognized standard for home automation. All pushbutton panels are equipped with an internal temperature sensor that measures the ambient temperature.

In addition, all the pushbutton panels of the Sentido series have multi-touch technology, which makes the entire surface of the pushbutton panel sensitive to the touch, and a multi-chromatic LED backlight: the color of the luminous feedback changes according to the command implemented. In addition, the standby backlight makes it easy to use and locate in the dark.

Each touch button can be freely programmed as desired, both for switching lights on and off, for moving roller shutters and blinds, and for launching customized scenarios.

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